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The Return of Other People’s Blogs

It’s back…

Solid Shale is a blog that people concerned about hydrofracking might want to check out.

Norbrook’s Blog is for “Opinions from the Central Adirondacks” (with much to say about the state parks)

Occasional commenter here, Mrs. M has been awfully busy with her own blog stable, including New York Renovator (“the challenges of renovating an 1855 home in upstate New York”)

And, wow. From Adirondack Almanack, more than you ever wanted to know about where bees actually go in the winter. Think about this the next time you’re at a festival and there’s a long line for the portajohns.

Prison bus crash

Andy Arthur writes about an accident on the Northway and the larger issues it reminds us of.

The system is broken. Many of those people now in prison should not be there. They should be getting treatment. Instead of spending so much on incarceration, we should be spending more mental health and drug treatment. We must also be spending more on fixing our broken communities. Not only are the broken communities in New York City generating these broken persons who are forced into long-term incarceration in the North Country, the broken communities in the North Country host these prisons as one of the limited employment opportunities up there.

Odds and ends

NYRI won’t stay dead.

Phil posts on gay marriage. He thinks some Democrats are batting for the other team.

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation is trying to get the Syracuse Common Council to adopt a Resolution of Respect for and Reconciliation with the Onondaga Nation.

The location of Mordor having already been discovered, here are the Mines of Moria (and another view).

Cougars confirmed by DEC in the Adirondacks?

I didn’t know that Waterloo is the birthplace of Memorial Day. (Heck, I didn’t even know that Waterloo was more than just Waterloo Outlets…)

SyracuseB4 on enclosed shopping malls. I drove by the Great Wall of Congel the other day and felt like the future was finally coming into the present. That is, the future boondoggle many of us imagined years ago is playing out before our very eyes. A gargantuan tax-free edifice with no tenants, and the consumption-killing “crash” we all felt in our bones was coming, is finally here. It was supposed to be better than Dubai, remember?

Here’s what’s happening in Dubai these days. (Another article in the Independent is even more revealing.)

Back home, a sign of the times (via Capitol Confidential):

Wisdom of the commentariat

A few good comments I’ve read lately, hidden deep in other people’s blogs:

Our friend Robinia writes at TAP on local higher ed as entrenched interests, and also wonders who died and left Robert Wilmers boss.

Celebrating the recent tea parties on Fault Lines, a funny and telling exchange about a “lack of turnout” in Utica.

Joebass123 explores the nature of urban congestion as community dialogue on Route 81 moves forward on Sean Kirst’s blog.