Saturday, April 18 update

I’ve decided to take a break from bashing Cuomo daily, so it’s a good thing he decided to take a break from being bashable. He is actually beginning to sound reasonable on the possibility of working out a regional upstate reopening, and nothing he had to say today sounded anything different than what sensible upstate leaders have been saying all along.

Marc Molinaro, who lost his father to COVID last week, received a call from the governor.

“We spoke, in fact, the day my father died. We just talked, two human beings, about the loss of fathers. I was very grateful for the call. It struck me only so many years ago all of New York, myself included, mourned the loss of his father. And of course, Governor Mario Cuomo was larger than life. My dad was just an ordinary guy and for one brief moment, the governor of the state of New York extended to me his sympathies. We just talked, two New Yorkers, about being tough and about the love of our dads. And funny enough, my father was probably most proud of me when I was running against Andrew Cuomo for governor. We laughed about that.”

In Watertown, there was a protest in favor of reopening. A tale of two photos:

Onondaga County update: The daily county briefing was a short one and not many media seemed to be present. The “active cases vs. recovered cases” continues to improve. An additional death was announced, bringing the county total to 18.

CE McMahon had little to say about that part of Cuomo’s new executive order seeming to limit the leeway of local governments, but this wasn’t surprising because typically McMahon expresses solidarity with Albany’s approach to the crisis and chooses words exceedingly carefully. Still, “counties have certain rights… I was elected for that, I take an oath for public safety.” However, the latest state ruling on golf courses seems as mystifying to him as it is to other observers; and in his view, all local golf course rules have now been superseded by NYS — and any disgruntled local golfers should wait for more state-led loosening of social distancing policy. “They injected themselves into this policy,” he said, adding (as always) that “we work really well with the state.”

I feel there isn’t anything inherent in the process of bringing together the CNY counties to work on a reopening plan, that would really conflict with anything Cuomo has said (particularly not today). Still, it has to be massively wearying to local leaders as they try to track the latest daily noises coming out of Albany and parsing out if they really mean anything relevant to them — or if it’s just more downstate infighting.

Lastly, a local story on the impact of the shutdown on CNY’s many unemployed.