Sunday, April 12 update

NYS update: Essential businesses must provide masks for public-contact employees. This should have been ordered last week.

Nice photo op for the gov as he goes all the way from the Capitol to Niskayuna to return borrowed ventilators to a nursing home. (No, really, I’m not being sarcastic. That was as nice as photo ops can be.) The Albany Times-Union pointed out last week, however, that it’s not been easy to offer equipment to the state during this crisis.

It’s been difficult to lend the ventilators to New York’s state government, according to Jeff Ruso, the administrator of the Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. He told the Times Union on Monday morning that he’d been trying to lend them for free for about two-and-a-half weeks to the state Department of Health, but had not heard back from the governor’s administration for about a week on the matter, with the last directive to “stand by.”

And now there’s a big windstorm coming, and it will affect darkest Upstate the most. The storm could be “historic.” Please, I’m already sick to death of living in historic times… But, we’re ready! Check out these comprehensive stats

  • 1587 large dump trucks (Finger Lakes: 125, Western NY: 213, North Country: 161)
  • 48 loaders w/grapple (Finger Lakes: 7, Western NY: 6, North Country: 7)
  • 278 loaders (Finger Lakes: 21, Western NY: 39, North Country: 38)
  • 15 vac trucks w/sewer jet (Finger Lakes: 1, Western NY: 2, North Country: 1)
  • 31 tracked excavators (Finger Lakes: 4, Western NY: 3, North Country: 3)
  • 47 wheeled excavators (Finger Lakes: 5, Western NY: 4, North Country: 5)
  • 62 tractor trailers w/ lowboy trailer (Finger Lakes: 7, Western NY: 6, North Country: 9)
  • 15 tree crew bucket trucks (Finger Lakes: 1, Western NY: 1, North Country: 2)
  • 39 traffic signal trucks (Finger Lakes: 4, Western NY: 7, North Country: 2)
  • 78 chippers 10″ (min) capacity (Finger Lakes: 8, Western NY: 7, North Country: 8)

It’s not just ventilators Cuomo has been counting! (And yet, there’s a gloomy part of me that wonders if these equipment numbers will become very important in years to come. I mean, things could always get… worse.)

Onondaga County update: There was no briefing today for the holiday, but there were stats released for today, although virtually nothing changed from the day before.

Following up from Friday, CNY’s colleges are putting on a brave face as they give back student housing and meal plan fees and watch their shrinking endowments.

ESF Interim President David Amberg told The Post-Standard that the college’s financial picture is not as bleak as it may appear. He said the school has slowly depleted its reserves over the past 10 years after funding from the SUNY system was reduced by about $5.3 million per year. If needed, Amberg said, the school will be able to borrow some of the $900 million that SUNY keeps in reserve for use by its member campuses.

We also have some stats on calls to local police by people concerned about others who aren’t social distancing. Why am I not surprised to hear that the north side of the county has been drawing the most calls? Joe Cicero obviously thinks it’s just the flu.