Saturday, April 11 roundup

Wegmaniacal looks at how food shopping will change after the pandemic. I can see myself buying in to a few of these, such as well-stocked home pantry and more sit-down dinners.

SUNY Morrisville held a big dairy drive-through yesterday where free milk, yogurt and cheese was given away to lucky comers, and from the photos it looks like a good time was had by all… but if only they could have brought those products to Syracuse or Oneida where I’m sure a lot of people who are truly in need of them aren’t able to drive far. We have to do better to get milk “off the ground” (ie dumped) and into the homes of local people who need it… “so near, and yet so far.”

Gas was recently as low as 75 cents per gallon in Salamanca (on the Allegany Reservation). I’m trying to find excuses to take my “Oldbaru” out for a spin to avoid future problems, but unfortunately Salamanca is a wee bit too far.