Wednesday, April 8: Richard Brodsky

The world that survives will be profoundly intellectually and politically different from the one that died.

Richard Brodsky, Albany Times-Union, 3/22/20

It’s ironic, sad and giving me huge waves of sentimental memories that a week after I brought this blog back for a second draft, former assemblyman, state Attorney General candidate, and shoulda-been-comptroller Richard Brodsky has passed away. The cause was suspected coronavirus.

Brodsky was respected and loved (and even not that much hated) by Albany types, but he also provided such entertainment for the New York bloggers far beyond his home turf — because he was always right, and so much smarter than most of the people with whom he tussled. His crusade against the ridiculousness of the state authority system was memorable. Now that I think about it, he probably was my all-time favorite downstate politician.

He was still writing columns, and I’ll have to go back and read some of them now. In his recent (final?) column, he offered up some predictions for what the world after coronavirus would be like. Sadly, it will be a worse New York State without him.