Sunday, March 29: About your teenage Cuomo crush…

Teen Vogue isn’t swooning over Andrew Cuomo. Ouch:

Even now, as he publicly asks the federal government to send more ventilators and beds to New York, Cuomo has governed his state as a corporate Democrat — declining to put working people first. The governor has been trying to cut millions in Medicaid funding to balance the state budget, once again telling low-income New Yorkers that their health care is not a priority. Rather than ask millionaires and billionaires in New York to pay their fair share as our state economy collapses, the governor began pushing for unilateral power to slash government services throughout the year without legislative approval….

Long before Trump was elected, Democrats spent decades destroying the idea that we are the party that protects working people rather than corporate interests. Before we keep crushing on Cuomo, it’s worth asking how we ended up here.