State park update

What is happening at the closed state parks? It seems to depend on where you are and who you know…

A group of about a half dozen volunteers were asked to leave Wilson-Tuscarora State Park (east of Niagara Falls) by park police as they brought in mowers under the direction of Wilson town officials. (The Town of Wilson wants to take over the park, so it appears that park police don’t take kindly to grandstanding, maybe?)

The Buffalo News reports that several towns in WNY want to maintain their closed local parks, including Woodlawn Beach, Knox Farm and Joseph Davis parks.

Bowman Lake State Park is seeing a jump in reservations, possibly due to the closure of nearby Oquaga Creek and Hunts Pond parks. Bowman Lake is on the “secondary closing list.”

The Post-Standard notes that Clark Reservation is not “really” closed.

Kirsten Gillibrand wants Newtown Battlefield to become a national historic park. (This would be in addition to, not instead of, the state park that is there.)

The closure of Thacher State Park is becoming a political issue.

New York’s entire state parks system has been named to “America’s Most Endangered Historic Places” list this year.