Too easy

Sometimes it is too tempting to write a long blog post about something, even when you don’t have the time. Yesterday I was wondering if it would be worth the time and effort to write out a transcript of the entire relevant portion of the dustup between my state senator, John DeFrancisco, and the Brooklyn state senator Kevin Parker, previously notorious for hitting a photographer. I wanted to do this because most of the news coverage was focusing on Parker’s outburst, and no one was really examining the content and substance of DeFrancisco’s lengthy questioning of the black NY Power Authority nominee, Mark O’Luck.

It’s too bad that Parker throughout his career has involved himself in violent, over-the-top incidents, because even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Listening to DeFrancisco’s self-referential, irrelevant and oh-so-suburbanite obsession with a comment that O’Luck posted on the NY Times over a year ago, made me want to write a lengthy post on white privilege (if you have never heard the term, I suggest this excellent recent article).

Unfortunately, Parker in his usual discussion-killing manner went on to label DeFrancisco a “white supremacist” and another senator, Ruben Diaz, a homophobe (well, actually, he is one), further blotting out the reality that DeFrancisco does need to be added to the chain of fools in this incident with his cluelessness about the history of race relations in this country. (No, Sen. DeFrancisco, it’s really not all about the hurt feelings of Italian-American lawyers.)

However, now someone has saved me a lot of trouble:

Preston Fagan, president of the NAACP Syracuse/Onondaga chapter, said he hadn’t heard complaints that DeFrancisco was a racist. However, he said, “I will say he has a problem being a minority.”

Bwahahahah! So particularly true of Sen. DeFrancisco, who has noticeably turned into a world-class whiner ever since his party lost control, and this isn’t the first time. Thank you, Mr. Fagan, for making my “job” as a blogger easier.

2 thoughts on “Too easy

  1. Aaron

    Yes. Mr. Parker’s over the top comments notwithstanding, that it came as Mr. DeFrancisco was ending a line of questioning with anecdotal and irrelevant crap such as that his father didn’t go to college – patronizing the appointee. Was Mr. Parker out of line? Definitely. Was he correct in stopping Mr. DeFrancisco’s useless, irrelevant and patronizing line of questioning? Assuredly.

    DeFrancisco is long past his prime. Unfortunately, I no longer live in his district (outside it by a few blocks, actually), so there’s little I can directly do about it.

  2. Mitch

    I used to say the same sort of things about Farrakhan, that he would say something that was spot on, then go and say the stupidest things and have the entire message overlooked and dismissed.

    Parker went way over the top; that seems to happen often when griping about folks who don’t get it, such as Beck and Limbarf. And it then legitimizes them when if we just let them rant, they’d possibly already be gone and out of our hair.

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