History for sale

Recently I noticed that the “Brockway Tavern house” (aka the funeral home at Fairmount Corners, aka the former Walter White’s) has been put up for sale. Hopefully, even in this bad economic climate, it will find a buyer willing to keep up the property and maybe even turn it back into, uh, a livelier business. It’s the oldest building in Fairmount (date of construction given variously as 1808 and 1820), saved from destruction in the late 1960s. This is the original location of the Green Gate Inn, an establishment that is synonymous with Camillus village but actually got its start in Fairmount. (It is sometimes mistaken for James Geddes’ house, due to an unfortunately placed historical marker.)

Here’s a photo of it when it was Tobin’s Restaurant, its pre-Walter White incarnation.

And here it is today.

One thought on “History for sale

  1. Steve

    I can’t imagine someone opening up a “fancy” restaurant in these economic times, but with this location they might have a better shot than, say, out past the congested Walmart area. (where I tend not to tread anymore.)

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