State park admission hikes

The latest news on the parks situation is that car entrance fees will be raised at 28 of the most popular parks (including our own Green Lakes), and golf course fees will also be raised. The most interesting news is that, like many other states have done for a long time, New York will now charge higher camping and cottage rental fees for out-of-state residents. I was always kind of proud that NY didn’t have to do that, but times have changed.

BTW, it’s interesting to see which Upstate parks are considered “flagship parks” worthy of fee raises: Green Lakes, Letchworth, Fair Haven, Southwick, Westcott, Watkins Glen, Fort Niagara, Moreau Lake and Saratoga Spa.

I don’t know how statistics run on how many out-of-staters use New York campsites, as a percentage of total users. I do know that quite a few people who use the campsites regularly feel they have been a pretty good deal already, pricewise. I know I have always felt this way. In fact I’ve been surprised that they haven’t raised campsite fees more dramatically in the past few years. There are always people who will prefer to pay $30 a night for the privilege of being in a highly electrified, Wi-Fi’d private RV resort with pink flamingoes and swimming pools, but I’m not one of them. That said, I personally would accept a $3-4 campsite fee hike even for in-state residents… but it looks like just out-of-staters will now be asked to pay.

I do wonder where the new revenues are specifically going, though. I’d like these new fees to help the park staff do their jobs.