You have the power

The latest in the Paterson business…

A key figure in the domestic abuse scandal bedeviling Gov. David A. Paterson told investigators that the governor phoned to enlist her help in quieting the accuser, according to a person with knowledge of her account.

“Tell her the governor wants her to make this go away,” Deneane Brown said Mr. Paterson told her, according to the person. Ms. Brown, a state worker, was friends with both the governor and the woman who says that a senior aide to Mr. Paterson roughed her up in a Halloween altercation.

“Women’s equality” and “women’s issues” are great abstract concepts for most politicians, but especially abstract to members of the NYC establishment (of which David Paterson is one – Harlem branch, although we could say the same for other prominent NYC based politicians and their staffs). When it comes to, uh, actual women in front of them, that’s a different ballgame altogether. Somehow, to them, women cause these troubles by their very presence around powerful men and their staffs — and so it is a “reasonable request” probably for these politicians, to ask that they (the women) “make it go away.”

So my question is: if women are really that powerful that they cause all these troubles and have the power to make them go away, what the hell are these women doing wasting their power in Albany, where men seem to have them in a box? (Don’t forget that, across many parts of the world, you even have the power to confound and bewitch whole legions of men simply by uncovering your hair! You don’t even have to be beautiful – you just have to have two X chromosomes, and boom — the hair is deadly!)

We’ve already established that women “have the power” – so why are we using it so ineptly? Why are we wasting it on participating in a dysfunctional game we can never win? Political power is not the same thing as holding political office, especially if the offices and the government are built on shifting sands.

Maybe it’s time to vacate Albany and get back to Seneca Falls, stat. Maybe it is time to make an increased effort to move the capital — literally — over to Seneca Falls: to warp this state’s center of political gravity just as much as our last two governors’ sense of their power has apparently been warped. Liz Krueger, Joan Christensen, leave that city on the Hudson immediately and call a general assembly of your female colleagues and their friends, right inside the roofless Wesleyan Church on Fall Street if necessary. It can’t be any more of a cold, uncomfortable and undignified meeting-place for New York women than the mighty Capitol is right about now.

You have the power to “make it go away.”

5 thoughts on “You have the power

  1. KAZ

    I think your Seneca Falls plan is sweet, but the women I know in govt are the keep-your-head-down-and-do-the-work kind of women we all know from corporate/academic life, sort of delighted to be allowed to play with the boys, willing to do scut work for the occasional tossed bone, loyal to a fault to men who would toss them under a bus at the slightest provocation. Ugh. Liberation, we hardly knew ye.

  2. Barbara

    “Oh Mommy…”make it go awaaaaaaaay!” Reading stuff like this makes me think Gene Roddenberry’s “Planet Earth” idea is due for a sequel or at least gotten out of mothballs. Seriously. A dink auction doesn’t seem as humorous as it did back in the ’70’s. Perhaps someday…….. (*stares dreamily off into mid-air*)

  3. Robinia

    OK– so, I just came back from a Seneca Falls/Waterloo based conference of the Farmers Market Federation. I gotta tell you, the econ dev guy from Seneca Falls would be totally ga-ga over this idea…..

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