Centro, we hardly knew ye

Just a quick note to memorialize the passing of Centro’s 178 Fairmount Hills route, formerly known as the 4G. Since the time of Christ, it served the far-flung upper reaches of the southeast of the Town of Camillus, but fell victim to Centro service cuts effective Monday. I forgot this was going to happen so I didn’t even have a chance to wave goodbye to the convenient (well, sorta) connection to the city that once ran right by my house and provided a direct connection to Syracuse University – no downtown hub wait needed. (The 78 Fairmount bus route, which doesn’t come up here, remains in service.)

In truth, I don’t think there have been any riders on this part of the route for about a decade, so its demise was no shock. It was also an excruciatingly long and boring commute – I rode it for about a year back and forth to work, and it took an hour and fifteen minutes to get to my destination. Still, it’s a little sad that one more connection between Syracuse and its burbs has gone.