Why Michael Nozzolio’s Upstate manifesto is a failure

If State Senator Michael Nozzolio’s manifesto about Upstate becoming “the 51st state” was anything more than bottom-feeder political posturing, it would be something more than a simple repetition of the canard that New York City sucks Upstate dry and gives nothing back. It would honestly lay out the nuances of the real situation — not denying that Upstate is reliant on New York City for subsidies of various kinds, but rather being bold enough to list those subsidies (and the equivalent of subsidies, such as prison jobs).

It would be brutally honest about the weaknesses of New York City’s Wall Street-driven economy and cautionary about how long that particular economic engine can continue to support an entire state.

And then it would speak equally honestly about how this numb overreliance on New York City has damaged the bedrock of our economy, stunted its growth and sense of purpose as a (however loose) community, and ultimately has contributed to the diaspora of our well-educated young people, many of whom would really rather remain here near their families and friends than in the sticky, ant-infested South.

It would ask, “Do Upstate people really want to continue existing like this under this system? Can we do better with a different system?” And then it might suggest some achievable near-term goals for more Upstate autonomy within the current political system we have in Albany.

Don’t look to Michael Nozzolio for a real manifesto on Upstate independence, as he’s clearly not politically capable of it. (Never send a boy to do a man’s job.) Look for new candidates who are politically capable of saying these things.

4 thoughts on “Why Michael Nozzolio’s Upstate manifesto is a failure

  1. Robinia

    Agree that Nozzolio is not capable of anything OTHER than “bottom-feeder political posturing.” But, candidates to challenge? Was at a brunch about Central NY State Senatorial challengers yesterday, and common wisdom was to just, reluctantly, shrug Nozzolio’s district off. If you got rumors or sparks, let us know so we can fan ’em.

  2. Strikeslip

    I think what Nozzolio is saying is that if Upstate had been able to govern itself, Upstate would not find itself in its current economic condition … that it would have been able to adopt policies amenable to its conditions, and avoid policies that are harmful.

    New York is better as ONE state IF Upstate and Downstate interests are balanced. That was once the case — and it worked beautifully — until the US Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional to do so. Now there seems to be no other option other than what Nozzolio proposes.

  3. Ellen

    I agree with your second point, Strikeslip, at least about being better off as one balanced state.

    However, if Nozzolio wanted to say what you’re saying he said, I think he should have… said it. :-)

  4. Jim

    This elected boob’s suggestion that Upstate NY should separate from the City of New York is stupid at best and demogoguery at worst. He is not the first Albany wizard to make such a proposal. DeFrancisco made a similar statement a few years back. If Upstate was a separate state we would be virtually landlocked, have about nine electoral votes and boast a declining population and continuous job losses. Brilliant plan. But what can we expect from grossly overpaid, uninspired windbags who have created the mess NYS now faces?

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