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G.M. Plans to Close Saab After Talks Collapse

Just pausing for a quick farewell to the family car of my childhood. Back in the ’70s, Saab didn’t have such a yuppified reputation, and was just a weird European brand that few people drove. My dad thought they were very cool, however, and from the mid ’70s onward the family car was always a Saab — first, an orange ’74 sedan, then a silver ’75 EMS (whose name was “Emily”), and finally a red ’83 900. During the ’70s, you could cross the entire country in this car (and we did) and not see another one on the road. (If you encountered another one, there would be friendly honking of horns and flashing of lights – all Saab owners knew the code.) Financial circumstances forced us to get cheaper, more ordinary cars after that, but it was just as well, since Saab got picked up by GM and turned into a not terribly distinguished brand that was marketed as a Beemer wannabee.

Time drives on…

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  1. Rich Finzer


    First it was Oldsmobile, then Pontiac. Now GM is dumping the Saturn and Saab brands as well. If this keeps up, all GM will be “making” are the loan payments on their bailout money!

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