What comes after BrunoGate?

Why, the BrunoPlate, of course!

Some of the commenters (see this thread for details) have come up with a brilliant three-in-one plan to rescue New York from its deficit, ease the public acceptance of the hated new Empire Gold plate, and give Joe Bruno gainful employment, all at the same time.

(Personalization is free, but for an extra $50 a year you can get the Bobblehead Edition, shown above.)

5 thoughts on “What comes after BrunoGate?

  1. Ellen Post author

    The Spitzer plate is a very limited edition of one, with special license number “9,” and you can have it on your car for just $4,300 — but only for a couple hours.

  2. Josh S

    ha, definitely true about the $80,000 “worthless” thoroughbred and, separately, about $4,300 spitzer plate. NYS government really is an endless source of criminal collectibles, pedro espada, hiram monserrate…

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