Guns don’t kill people… oh yeah, guess they do.

The Post-Standard ran a story this past Sunday about the odyssey of a local Glock pistol, known to local police as “9 mm No. 1” which was involved in 13 shootings and one armed robbery in the Syracuse area alone until its confiscation recently from its latest user, a 23-year-old man. (As one joker put it on the forum, “I’m sure this gun was just starting to turn its life around.”)

I’m wondering if police would simply put out Wanted posters for specific weapons, they might succeed in getting some of them off the streets. And I wonder if publicly listing the names of the former non-criminal dealers and owners might be worthwhile. Not fair? Well, let’s trace the whole story of these guns and the culture that loves them, and see what comes up. It would also be interesting if notorious weapons became more notorious than the people (criminal or otherwise) who are attracted to wielding them for whatever reason.