Snow news is good news

Sean Kirst has created a contest to predict when Syracuse will (finally) get its first inch of snowfall. It seems we’ve gone a long time without the white stuff. Unfortunately, you can no longer enter the contest, but you can still enter my contest, which is “Predict how much money NYCO will have wasted this season by pre-paying her plow guy.”

There is also exciting news on the storm front: the Golden Snowball contest goes national!

Which big city with a population of 100,000 or more will be the snowiest city in the United States this snow season? Only time and a lot of snow will tell. Welcome to the new Golden Snow Globe website. Consider this the Grand opening of the site even though it isn’t even close to being ready. Things that will be updated on here soon will be which city is leading so far, the top ten snowiest cities to date and more. The reason for opening up shop early is to get some suggestions and feedback from visitors here. Maybe lay down some rules that haven’t been set in stone, err snow yet and get this bad boy rolling.

3 thoughts on “Snow news is good news

  1. Patrick

    Great headline NYCO : ) I’m guessing you got a deal with the snow plow guy. Even after this awesome stretch of great weather I still think we are in for a snowy snow season. We’re starting out pretty much like we did last season so far.

    Off topic and from another post your pictures from Green Lakes are beautiful. The one you have above was my favorite. Great pics!

  2. Ellen

    Thanks – and good luck with getting your new contest off the ground! (or should that be, “on the ground” ha ha)

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