License plate rebellion

The Post-Standard has a roundup of the intense outcry over the new New York license plates. Most of the rancor seems to be about the mandatory $25 fee that is supposed to raise up to $130 million for the state’s coffers, but I’ve talked to a lot of people who just absolutely hate the “new” plate design. (But my cousin, who moved away from NY back when we had the old gold plates, says she likes them because they remind her of the old days.)

This rebellion seems to be a little more serious and widespread than the usual recalcitrant conservative county clerks, so we’ll see what happens. As for the design, more than one person I’ve talked to said they would willingly pay extra for the privilege of not having to use the new plates.

3 thoughts on “License plate rebellion

  1. Josh

    Personally, if I need to cough up an extra $25 I will. But it seems this could be done without printing new plates and making me go down to the registry to stand in line to get them, change my plates, then go back to return my old, still plenty useful plates.

    For as much as I resent an additional fee, I resent the time more.

  2. Mitch

    I’m glad there’s been this uproar, and that now these stupid politicians are taking another look at it. What a ridiculous reason they gave for this; I wonder what the reason was for increasing everything else that we have to pay for the coming years, including our registrations and licenses.

  3. Josh S

    I agree with the other Josh. Eliminate the financial & time costs of the change – just be honest and charge all vehicles an extra $25. That’d at least preserve more $$ than the lost time and cost to print these.

    I don’t understand the uproar though Mitch. It seems like the cuts are in the worst areas to reduce, like schools and such, when there’s so much more that’s ‘untouchable’ due to backroom political deals. I’d rather see Patterson and the legislature go headfirst at those issues. I’d even pay the $25 just to watch.

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