Wave effect

Must Hiram Monserrate resign? Must he be fired? It would be another sign of the apocalypse if running Monserrate out of town would result in a domino effect of girlfriend-hitting, paparazzi-punching and intern-interfering elected public officials also being toppled. That might be, like, giving people like Liz Krueger, Dave Valesky and ordinary New Yorkers dangerous power or something.

Actually, the people with the real power would be those Senators named to the committee to consider Monserrate’s booting. This committee will be announced in Albany tomorrow.

These waves of popular opinion that never crest, have in the past simply just appeared to melt away harmlessly. I don’t believe that’s true, and I even think that if Monserrate is ejected as an example to others, it’s too little, too late. I think the uncrested waves are still under the surface and building into some kind of massive undertow that will only become apparent years from now.

I admit I’m just finding it very, very hard to care about any of this stuff any more. I’m not feeling the urgency, because it’s all just blending into one pointless dream of good government deferred. The New York Times is still flogging “Throw all the bums out,” but it seems no matter what you do, someone else has more money and influence than you. I don’t even know who the hell Monserrate’s constituents are. For all I know, they are just cool with the idea of slapping their girlfriends around. Why do these scumbags keep getting elected? They’re obviously making someone all tingly for some reason.

But, here’s my feeble attempt to help at least one wave crest:

Fire Monserrate