Everything worth reading about is on Wikipedia by now, right?

Well, no. You still can’t find anything on Wikipedia about Stanislaw Kaszynski, the municipal official who was executed by the Nazis for trying to tell the world about what was going on at the Chelmno death camp in his jurisdiction.

Nor can you find much of anything on Wikipedia about the fascinating life and times of Upstate NY’s own Seth Concklin, who (among his other exploits) went down into Alabama to rescue a slave family during the height of tensions over the Fugitive Slave Law.

And until very recently, you couldn’t read anything on Wikipedia about Father Gerald Fitzgerald, who took no prisoners when it came to exposing and trying to deal with abusive priests in 1950s New Mexico. (This has since been rectified, but only after the New York Times printed his letters.)

The stories of the world: still a lot left to tell.

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