A moment of Zen

This is Jacks Reef. I almost grew up right here (just outside the frame) – on the banks of the Erie Canal.

During this time of turmoil, let’s close our eyes and imagine New York as it once was, and could someday be again… a murky, stagnant breeding ground for mosquitoes, that no longer leads anywhere in particular.

I’m on vacation for a week. Don’t start the sacking of Albany without me!

One thought on “A moment of Zen

  1. Rich Finzer


    That’s the Plainville Rd. bridge that spans the “State Ditch”. Unless memory fails me, Jack’s Reef proper (over by the Hotel and Trapper’s) is farther down the river. Again, if memory serves, one cannot even view that bridge from Jack’s Reef.

    Having said all that, I fell in loe with the entire “reef” area when I was first introduced to it nearly 30 years ago. I ate many meals in the hotel and had a few “snappers” at the bar. A good friend of mine was the bartender at the time.

    It was during the digging of the Satate Ditch that the water level in Cross lake was lowered (by design). That in turn led to to the ongoing land disputes between the lakeside land owners and NYS over who “owns” the shoreline and whether the older water mark which was higher than the current lake level is still legal/valid.

    As far as the sacking/trashing of Albany goes; relax and enjoy your vacation. With the overabundance of stupidity now on display in the Senate, you’ll have plenty of targets remaining after you return. Smaller states like DE, RI, or NH are incapable of generating the type of political inertia being cranked out in our state capitol. They’re too small to hold that much dumb thinking or childish behavior. If the state would only levy a tax on stupidity, those clowns would have the deficit erased in just a week or two.

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