Senator Johnny Explains It All For You

Hey kids! Have you heard about the trouble at the State Senate? Is it making your mom and dad confused? Would you like to learn more about how your state government and democracy works? Don’t worry… Johnny the Friendly Senator is here to explain it all for you. Gather round, children, and come sit on Senator Johnny’s knee!

The Roberts School student council happened to be in the Senate gallery on Monday when the coup unfolded. (They were there on a field trip to watch democracy inaction.) John DeFrancisco visited the school this week to explain to them what happened…

After urging the children to read and greeting by name the granddaughter of former city councilor Bob Cecile (“you know who talked me into running for school board? Your grandfather …), DeFrancisco took the children through the background of Monday’s history maker…

“Sen. Smith, the so-called leader, wasn’t there,” DeFrancisco said. “They didn’t know what to do. Finally, they took a vote. It was 32-30. The appeal was accepted. They had to take up the resolution.”

Remember that old Star Trek episode with the orphaned children and “Gorgon the Friendly Angel”? Yeah, I’m remembering that too.

Meanwhile, he said, the coalition has been trying to do business but was thwarted Wednesday when they found the Senate chamber locked, and thwarted again Thursday because the secretary of the Senate had locked up needed paper work.

Thursday’s session was particularly unfair, as protesters were allowed near the chamber doors for the first time in Senate history, he said.

So, that’s the scoop, kids. Remember, protesting is un-democratic and just no fairs!

3 thoughts on “Senator Johnny Explains It All For You

  1. Aaron

    Umm, if Sen. Smith “wasn’t there,” then how did they accomplish a 32-30 vote? There are 62 senators aren’t there?

  2. Robinia

    Ya know, Aaron, adults who can do math are a serious threat to the success of our state’s premier revenue generation mechanisms, the Lottery, horse-racing, and videoed horse-racing. Good little children just believe what they are told, and grow up to obey the law, or the “dear leaders,” or, whatever.

  3. Phil

    Hey, let’s do the math now: 31 minus 31 equals zero (zero being the number of bills the Senate will pass during the remainder of the term.)

    Hey, Johnny D. and Dave: you’re playin’ for realz now!

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