New marketing concept for Upstate NY

I watched part of ABC’s Earth 2100 last night. It struck me as this generation’s version of The Day After… soon to be distributed on DVD with study guides to cowering junior high school classes nationwide, although with wind farms and skyscraper-top gardens filling in for “duck and cover.”

In the end of the story, our heroine fights her way to the Promised Land… none other than the fabled, verdant lands of a Kunstleresque Upstate New York. By Jove, I think we have our marketing concept! “As seen on ABC’s Earth 2100… Upstate New York. Why wait for humanity’s collapse? Get YOUR piece of Upstate TODAY!”

(Looking for more dystopian visions? Check out Upstate 2050.)

7 thoughts on “New marketing concept for Upstate NY

  1. Josh S

    I missed this, but would love to catch it the next time around.

    Not a bad vision! And with a good measure of truth to it.

  2. Brian Cubbison

    In “Damnation Alley,” George Peppard and Jan-Michael Vincent lead a band of surivors across country in a motor home that looks like a Pontiac Aztec to the only American city left after a nuclear attack: Albany, N.Y.

  3. joebass123

    i turned this on for 4 seconds and saw a bunch of floating blimps hovering over what looked like “the emerald city” and immediately changed the channel. i think i was expecting (hoping) that it would be some type of post-oil-shortage-outlook on society.

    if it was kunstleresque as you say, maybe i should give it a second look.

  4. Ellen

    Ha! I forgot about Damnation Alley (and thank goodness).

    Also, the post-apocalyptic TV show “Jericho” … Rome was one of the seats of the U.S. government, I think. I’m sensing a trend…

    …which is possibly explainable by many TV/movie writers hailing from NYC and thinking of Upstate as some sort of mysterious wilderness or tabula rasa, conveniently located nearby.

    Joebass, it WAS all about post-oil. And global warming. And pestilence and plague. They even had Joseph Tainter as a guest (but apparently didn’t let him talk much, or else the show would have been far more downbeat). Other guests included Jared Diamond and James Kunstler.

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