The New Yorks that ate New York

Wolfram Alpha is a new site that advertises itself as a new way to search for data in a computational manner. You can input natural-language queries in a variety of subjects, including Census data. Since secession is all the rage these days, I thought I’d plug some questions into the system and see what resulted. And here are the population stats for the three New Yorks – soon to be our 11th, 51st and 52nd states:

Upstate (excluding “downstate counties”): 6,656,251
Long Island: 2,795,000
Downstate (NYC including “downstate counties”): 9,854,000

(The “downstate counties” used for this purpose are Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess and Putnam.)

But wait! What about these Three New Yorks?

Upstate: 8,296,000
Long Island: 2,795,000
New York City: 8,143,000

Hm, Upstate is bigger than New York City if you let Westchester in…

But why stop there? Let’s add a 53rd state – the State of Western New York, which consists of all counties west of the soda-pop line. And what the heck, why not just make the Downstate Four (aka “Commuterland/Secondhomia”) into the 54th state while we’re at it.

Western New York: 2,772,172
The Upstate New York Where They Don’t Put that Silly “The” in Front of Highway Numbers: 3,884,079
Commuterland/Secondhomia: 1,640,000
Long Island: 2,795,000
New York City: 8,143,000

There! I don’t know about you, but I feel enlightened and refreshed.