Starting over, again

On New Year’s Day 2008 I posted about what sort of young people might be coming back to the Syracuse area in the future. In yesterday’s New York Times was a revealing look at what is happening to real families during a real economic fading, and what it’s like when economically broken young adults return to their hometowns. The last subject of the story, 35-year-old Rhoby – who apparently was fired from her last job for the crime of being too good at it – is struggling to keep up her morale.

One thought on “Starting over, again

  1. MissGredenko

    Rhoby sounds like an exciting young talent not afraid of hard work. Somehow I think this one will land on her feet. Perhaps if she finds herself someone to set a financial compass to guide her plans things will turn out all the better.

    I also hope she realizes she’s too good to start out as a cashier next time.

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