New Senate website

The state Senate has a snazzy new website (same old address). It’s a big deal for the new Senate Democratic majority, with some new features – but what about the minority senators? Are they getting the same bells and whistles on the site?

Judging from John DeFrancisco’s section on the new site, it looks like the answer is yes. There’s a “Featured Video” entitled “Senator DeFrancisco Blasts Upstate Democrats on MTA Bailout,” and what appears to be a blog post about “Bailing Out Downstate.” (The Republicans get a maroon banner, Dems get blue ones.)

And “Happening Now,” Senator Kevin Parker gets kicked out of the Energy Committee and stripped of his Majority Whip position, for allegedly assaulting a photographer.

Technology: bringing your government into the 19th 21st century.

2 thoughts on “New Senate website

  1. phillip anderson

    Actually, it is a new URL, Using that .gov also comes with some standards to meet and we are doing so. We are following all GSA .gov standards. Also, I can tell you this with great confidence as I’ve been a part of this, all senators and their staffs received the exact same training and have access to the exact same tools and resources as regards the new site. The new site is a public resource and we take the responsibilities associated with that fact rather seriously.

  2. Josh S

    Phillip…thanks for the information? But isn’t the trouble that majority senators have more staff, with time to dedicate to this sort of thing?

    I wish all public representatives took their responsibilities seriously, and not the minutia of things such as .gov websites.

    That said, transparency and sunlight cleanse, so hopefully this helps. But when those that are in most need of the bath are holding the soap, water, and scrub brushes, I’m not so confident.

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