No more Mr. Nice Guy

This is pretty unbelievable:

Former Schenectady city schools director of facilities Steven Raucci was indicted Wednesday on 26 counts, including terrorism and arson charges, one dating back to 1993.

Among the 26 allegations are two counts of first-degree arson and one count of terrorism, all top-level felonies carrying maximum sentences of 25 years to life in state prison upon conviction. Two of the charges relate to incidents already disclosed — placing a bomb that exploded at a Rotterdam home in 2001 and one at a Clifton Park home in 2006 that failed to detonate. The newest first-degree arson count relates to a 16-year-old case from Glenville. Raucci, 60, of Niskayuna, is accused of placing an explosive device on a picture window at a Willow Lane home in Glenville on April 10, 1993. The device exploded, shattering the window.

It took 16 years to get this guy under control?

It’s too bad he couldn’t have just embezzled funds or sexually harrassed employees, like a normal person.