“What should I do?”

People have written me to ask a question or two. ‘When is collapse going to happen?’ Well, I do not want the economy to collapse before everyone gets a chance to purchase this book, so let us hope for the best. ‘What do I plan to do?’ Well, I am not sure. But I do wish to share this: I certainly do not plan to be trapped by any one plan. ‘What should I do?’ Well, you should figure out what it is you absolutely need to lead a happy, healthy, fulfilling existence. Then figure out a way to continue getting it…

I firmly believe that only an individual approach can bring something close to happiness. That is, ultimately no one can know what is best for you and no one can prepare you for anything except you yourself. This, unfortunately, is impossible to do without feeling the pain of loneliness when things are not going so well. However, this pain does not have to be permanent: it also allows you to feel joy and satisfaction when the situation changes for the better. What many people forget is that most everyone feels pain in their lives. Although superficially it creates a feeling of separation from the rest of the world, it can also bring us closer together.

–Dmitry Orlov, “In Conclusion,” Reinventing Collapse