Niagara Falls: not American enough

The nasty Feds won’t let New York put Niagara Falls on its next state quarter:

The selection process requires that images chosen for the quarters must be national sites “under the supervision, management or conservancy of the National Parks Service, the U. S. Forest Service, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, or any similar department or agency of the federal government,” according to the Mint. Mint officials say that their hands are tied and that it’s up to Congress to amend the law if members want nonnational parks included. But Paterson and Schumer believe that the Mint has some discretion in making the final decis

WURRRRRP! Okay, considering everything else that’s going on in the world and in the state, it’s pretty silly that this is some kind of federal production about these stupid coins (soon to be worth far less than 25 cents). Who cares? (Why do we even need these “state” quarters anyway? How much time and energy is being sunk into the designing, choosing and minting of these? Wasn’t one round of this enough?) However, this just goes to show that New York has a ton of cool stuff that the Federal government doesn’t control. I wish Paterson would just say “Eat it, Washington. We don’t need your steenking quarter.”

2 thoughts on “Niagara Falls: not American enough

  1. Josh S

    This is exactly what drives me bonkers…in the midst of a falling economic sky, says Washington, with the biggest budget and debt ever, possible national bankruptcy, the worst since the 30’s and on and on…while politicians say there’s no pork or stuff to cut from budgets.

    We read this! All in the fall of an empire I suppose…

  2. robinia

    Hey, maybe we can get it on a Canadian quarter and it would be worth more…. their side’s prettier, too– better flowers.

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