Same old story

CNY Speaks has an article today inviting the community to critique an action plan that touches on crime, economic development, the arts and (of course) parking.

Also highlighted recently in the Post-Standard was the Sibylline TXT SYRACUSE project. This is a deal where you take your cell phone, go to various locations around the city, punch in a code and get parts of an ongoing short story. This has been done in other cities around the world and someone thought it would be interesting to try here, ostensibly as a way to lure people to explore the city.

Neat idea, but unfortunately, the “story” appears to be just what I feared: it reads like an advertisement for the same revitalization initiatives we’ve been hearing about for five years, plus Armory Square. The map of planned thread release locations doesn’t give me much optimism that the story is going to take any unexpected turns, either. Excerpts:

the day kim got on the connective corridor bus to break up w her bf was the day the bus changed its slogan to “we will always love u.” that was awkward.

it was hard not to fall for eric at first. they met on comstock on halloween. the devil, the vampire, red plastic cups. ha. yea. that couldnt last.

now its the day aftr graduation and k is on the bus to go drinking @ salt, a new bar that has everyone in the cuse buzzing and buzzed.

But I can already read stuff like this from the comfort of my own home via Facebook or Twitter. Why go downtown for it?

3 thoughts on “Same old story

  1. JS

    I just wonder about where the money came from to develop this? I thought there was an article about the somebodies that dreamed this up for Syracuse?

  2. Ellen

    There was an article in the paper. I doubt it was very expensive to do. And it’s a neat idea, but… how about a real story about the real city, and not about students drinking?

    Sorry, today is the day all the students on the Hill get drunk and unfortunately I work near Ground Zero for the partying, and some of the little cherubs tried to rip the license plate off my car. So I’m grumpy.

  3. Josh S

    i drove through that mass of student humanity and felt really, really old!

    yeah this follows the disappointing pattern of most other marketing initiatives put out by the usual characters.

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