Maple madness

Just about the only thing that’s not tapped out in New York State is its maple syrup potential. Despite the state being filled with saps, we import four times as much maple product as we produce. Our own peripatetic Chuck Schumer wants to change all that with the Maple Tapping Access Program (Maple TAP, get it? huh?) which would apparently allow us to compete with Quebec, the “OPEC of maple syrup,” and its Citadelle conglomerate. Or, become Citadelle. Something like that.

I would be in support of this initiative if it brings down the exorbitant price of maple candy, which is the surest way for someone to entice me to do whatever they want.

Come on, New York! Let’s kick Vermont’s ass on this one. All they have is better marketing. We have way more trees.

2 thoughts on “Maple madness

  1. Josh

    The trees are here for now, but change is coming…

    But I agree, there’s no reason the maple syrup loving world shouldn’t be bending their knees to our will here Upstate! :)

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