We got eagles

Those outside of the Syracuse media market probably haven’t heard the talk of the town around here: a large group of bald eagles has returned to the area, and is overwintering at Onondaga Lake. You can read a column by the Post-Standard’s Sean Kirst, a blog post with many comments, another blog post with more comments, see a slideshow, and read today’s follow-up column on the best place to safely view them.

It’s hardly possible — in one blog post — to cover all of the environmental, ecological, economical, commercial, industrial, social, spiritual, historical, and political implications of their reappearance here. So today, I’ll just say:

We wanted the Creative Class. We got eagles.

3 thoughts on “We got eagles

  1. Josh S

    I love when the prosaic becomes poetic! But I am worried, as I’d guess that Chief Lyons is as well, about what message the Eagles might just be carrying with them.

  2. sean

    it was either bald eagles, or old beagles.

    the whole thing still blows me away. i’ve gone out in hope that i might find some safely-accessible point of view from afar. the I-690 would be perfect – a viaduct offers a great vista – but that would be an easy place to get killed. we saw one of the ‘immatures’ in a tree near the mall wednesday afternoon, but that’s hit or miss. i saw two more young eagles thursday morning in some lakefront trees visible from the absolute end of state fair blvd., at least one chunk of it, that comes to an end in a mordor-like industrial zone north of hiawatha. i stood on some big cement blocks to get the view, but it’s another place where it would be easy to crack your skull. the ideal places for a viewing tower, a la montezuma, would be either at the mall parking lot or on the grounds of the wastewater treatment plant, both of which are far enough away that you wouldn’t spook these eagles, who routinely ignore trains and other hubbub beyond the outflow, where they feed. as oren said, any day on which you see an eagle is a good day.


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