A request for President Obama

President Obama would like to stimulate the economy by investing serious amounts of money into infrastructure projects. If he’s looking for a top-priority public works project that needs a lot of attention (and cash)… here’s one he can’t fail to consider: New York City’s aging water system.

Please. It needs help. Badly. There are aging reservoir dams that could cause catastrophic property damage and even loss of life, and conduits that are leaking millions of gallons of water a day. Millions of people depend on this system for their water, and thousands more further Upstate are affected as well. This New York Times article from last year talks about even more of the problems faced by the system.

One thought on “A request for President Obama

  1. sean

    did you ever read the ‘dune’ books? remember the scene where the guy pours the glass of water onto the ground, on the desert planet? i’ve always felt that way about all the upstate water systems. i can’t remember the exact percentage, but i recall being told in niagara falls that a stunning amount of the city’s freshwater was leaking out of ancient pipes en route to businesses and homes. the same goes for syracuse. we live in a nation that’s getting thirstier for freshwater by the minute, and those of us near the mother lode are literally pouring much of what we have into the ground. i tell you what: if we’re going to do some wpa-style projects, how about rebuilding the water systems in all these old cities?


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