Noted blogger passes away

Despite my reputation as one of those “blogger” people, I admit I don’t have much time to read too many other blogs regularly (as in, on a daily basis). One of the exceptions has been Calculated Risk, a widely respected blog that started off focusing on the mortgage crisis, but has become a gathering spot for some of the most informed and forward-thinking investors and finance-heads to talk about everything to do with the financial meltdown. (I’m borderline financially illiterate, so I just sit on the sidelines and read.)

Anyone who reads or has heard of CR is feeling saddened by the loss of Doris “Tanta” Dungey, one of the two bloggers who collaborated on the site. Her New York Times obituary is here. It was known that she was battling cancer, and writing during her treatments as well, but her passing still comes as a shock, as she last posted a friendly hello just a few weeks ago after an extended absence, promising to return to posting soon.

Although some of what Tanta wrote — complex, insightful analysis of the current crisis that utterly escaped the mainstream media — was Greek to me, I especially appreciated how she ignored occasional catcalls to “simplify” or “make it shorter” when she had a point to make. Her always clear and intelligent discourses on vital financial matters of the day went against the “wham bam” grain of the stuff that passes for “good writing” online about finance or politics. Her writing was meticulously researched and illustrated with examples. And she had a wonderful sense of creativity (she occasionally made cartoons out of Excel charts). In short, she was the sort of blogger every blogger wants to be.