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A historic night

No, not that other history. (You can read about that anywhere…go and read about it now, then come back here.)

So the Dems — with a no doubt huge assist from Obama-related turnout — have taken the state senate. (That’s what it takes to dislodge two ancient senators — the biggest freaking turnout in recent memory.) The first thing I’ll say is that if Paterson is smart, which he is, he will continue on his current course of being the budgetary prophet of doom. He won’t even have to alter course in order to have conservatives loving him. The danger of course is that Albany Dems can’t afford to be arrogant… and Malcolm Smith’s quote makes me wonder if they understand that:

After 40 years in the wilderness, we are now in charge of the New York State Senate.

‘Wilderness’? Come again? I guess they’re salivating over the prospect of getting the fancy offices now…

This has to be a bittersweet moment for Paterson. I think all he ever wanted was to become Senate Majority Leader. And a bit of a problematic moment too, as the old saying goes about keeping an eye on one’s enemies but needing to really watch one’s friends. Paterson suddenly now has friends with louder voices. (And Chuck Schumer’s hand has now strengthened, which means that one of his very good friends now has a very very loud voice.) If there ever was a time for the executive branch in New York to differentiate itself from the legislative, and dump “three men in a room” in a healthy separation-of-powers way, it’s now.

Uh, maybe we should just spike all that.

Check out The Albany Project for all of the very latest.

Other people’s blogs

Mrs. M at New York Traveler passes on a funny and painfully true New York historical marker. Supposedly it is a real one and not Photoshopped. (It is true that anyone can arrange to have one made by a private company – the state’s official historical marker program was discontinued in 1966).

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Sing along with “You’re From Syracuse,” discovered and re-posted by Syracuse Nostalgia. Gosh, I remember this now.

Some more nostalgic sing-along — sadly, this is not from the olden days: Mr. Bernanke, Send Me Some Green (via Calculated Risk)

Once again I will recommend Cleveburgh Diaspora, a Rust Belt blog concerned with many of the same issues discussed locally.

Phil writes at Still Racing in the Street on crossing paths, one of them tragically cut short.

Homeless in Fairmount

On the same day that I posted about my grandmother’s purchase of a home in Fairmount, two girls discovered the body of a homeless man who apparently died of exposure sometime last week, “in the woods” behind the Fairmount strip. (“The woods” is misleading, it’s more like an empty lot with trees on it… this is not an isolated area.) Between the rogue bear, the Burger King robbery, the collection plate holdup and now this, this certainly has been a strange year around here.

The man was reportedly a former resident of Lynn Road, which is near the Westerlea neighborhood around Knowell Road. Maybe we’ll never know why he left his residence and started sleeping in the woods, but I hope we can find out more about who he was and what his problems were. The thought of someone freezing to death during last week’s bitter cold spell, when people were going about their lives just a stone’s throw away, is very disturbing.