4 thoughts on “Feast your eyes

  1. sean

    some many little touches make this wonderful (the waking-up-in-the-car bit is done perfectly, for instance), but i think the brilliance lies in the kid’s magnificent and bemused old-folks-just-don’t-get-it expression when the ‘older guy’ says, ‘big city.’ it says everything about youth, but also expresses beautifully what we’ve all felt about upstate, throughout our lives.


  2. Ellen

    It was very impressive, but the most impressive thing was the commanding silence around it when it stopped and the dancers and singers did their bit. They were in the parade, but not “of” it, if that makes any sense. This was the first time any Native American people had represented themselves in the Macy’s parade, i.e. America’s Thanksgiving.” Quite a moment really. Also an “Upstate moment”

    The Oneidas (Inc.) get a lot of criticism, some of it deserved, over their embrace of gambling and their dealings with fellow Oneidas, the commercialism and so forth. But, they were out there, “representing” in earnest, in the way they have chosen, the same way that the Onondagas are “representing” here in CNY and also in the world (with indigenous rights at the U.N.) There was a nice story in the paper on the Thanksgiving gathering at Onondaga Lake too – an event which has been going on for several years, but which never got covered with a full story before.

    There are strong feelings about what is the proper way for Haudenosaunee to relate to the white man’s boat – you couldn’t see two approaches more different than these two.

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