Upstate Girls

A powerful collection of photos of working-class women of Troy, N.Y., by photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally is very much worth viewing. I’ve posted a link to it on my newly relaunched photoblog, Illustrated. (This is a personal photo blog which I’ve now souped up with some slideshow capability via Flickr, and there are some other Syracuse-related collections by other Flickr photographers highlighted there as well, such as Carl Johnson’s massive Carl’s Old Photos collection of the Salt City of the ’70s.)

2 thoughts on “Upstate Girls

  1. Simon St.Laurent

    It’s probably not what you intended, but this has me thinking all over again about the Richard Floridas of the world and the constant planning impulse of “improving” places by replacing the people who already live there with new, more moneyed, folks.

    How could Troy improve in ways that help these folks?

  2. Ellen

    I don’t know, but the picture I highlighted says it all… the girl surrounded by birthday cake and guns (they are pellet guns)… “well fed” but starved of any new message of radical liberating thought.

    As for politicians, as for economic solutions all I’m hearing are plans to rearrange the existing pieces (which is also a NYS problem). Bailouts so everyone can continue as before, with minimal disruption to the People That Matter.

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