Sorry, wrong number

Maybe having a visually impaired governor is not such a bad thing after all when it means that occasionally he will dial a wrong number and wind up chatting with an ordinary citizen. However, the wrong number that Albany keeps dialing would seem to be the budget. Or rather, the deficit, which has somehow ballooned to twice the size it was a few months ago. Oops. (I haven’t been keeping track – are deficits considered uncool now?)

Supposedly “nothing is off the table” now… and, as one article mentioned “seasonal” state employees like State Fair workers, I have to wonder if next year’s Fair is going to be shortened, perhaps to seven days from the usual ten. Sorry to say but that is the sort of “statewide” austerity measure that would probably be an effective symbolic move, although it would hurt Syracuse somewhat (and yet, it would shorten Dan O’Hara’s annual reign of terror by three days). If Paterson is really serious about this, he needs to use all of the propaganda tools at his disposal.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, wrong number

  1. Josh

    Good luck to him. I read a quote by the remaining one of three men in a room, Silver, about him “planning to not make any cuts.”

    Not sure what world Silver’s been living in lately, since his world and friends must be feeling the death of Wall Street.

  2. Phil

    They can close the Fair early when they pry the fried dough from between my cold, dead fingers (actually, given the cholesterol issue maybe that’s not such a great metaphor!)

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