Paterson 2010

A lot can happen in two years; just ask Eliot Spitzer. It is a little premature to be talking about David Paterson’s re-election, but then again maybe not. Eager to prove he’s not an accidental governor, Paterson is may be the only person in the world who wants to be responsible for New York State right now, considering what’s happened to the economy.

Matt Driscoll as Paterson’s lieutenant governor? Erm… no. I’d much prefer Tom Suozzi, who is eager to serve and who might bring Paterson some votes, even from Upstaters who remember him from his run against Spitzer. (In any other year, Suozzi might have been elected governor.) If you’re looking for wide geographic appeal, Suozzi is the only non-NYC guy who could possibly do it. And the Paterson-Suozzi connection just gets stronger

Pundits don’t think that the resignation of Paterson’s key advisor, Charles O’Byrne, is going to hurt him more than the economy will. O’Byrne was supposed to be Paterson’s chief negotiator in the governor’s plans to make some sort of new cigarette/gas/casino tax-revenue agreements with Haudenosaunee governments, and I almost suspect that O’Byrne might have been the person who persuaded Paterson to take that nonconfrontational approach. Ironically, O’Byrne is now out because he failed to pay his taxes.

3 thoughts on “Paterson 2010

  1. sean

    when i was a kid, i was a big follower of boxing, a passion i got from my dad. we always looked forward to the classic bouts: ali-frazier, or leonard-hearns, or leonard-hagler, for that matter.

    in 2010, in the showdown for control of albany, it sounds as if there’s a good chance we could end up with paterson-giuliani, which would be a governor’s race unlike anything we’ve seen in this state in our lifetimes.


  2. Phil

    I would have thought that Bloomberg would have been the obvious R choice (self-funded, squeaky clean, reform chops) but why try to extend your NYC mayor term limits if you’re going to leave early?

    Giuliani? eeesh! Do we need all the sturm and drang and mindless gut-check posturing while we’re facing such serious economic meltdown issues? Why not have Giuliani pick DA Fitzpatrick as his running mate–alienate everybody!

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