Other people’s blogs: Politics edition

Much of the year I pretend that there is no politicking going on at other people’s blogs, that it is just Upstate Uber Alles and that political parties and candidates are irrelevant. Now with just a little more than a week to go before the Big Night, it’s time to rip away this veneer of civility.

Rome, NY Sucks defends Sarah Palin and links to a new movement called I Am Joe.

BuffaloPundit is 100% behind Barack Obama and tells you why.

Phil at Still Racing in the Street on Obama’s organizational fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.

Gen X at 40 is apparently only 40% behind Obama, but because he’s Canadian I think that works out to 35% in U.S. percentage points.

My vote for Political Blog Post Title of the Year comes from The Albany Project, on the subject of campaign funding inequities in NY-25: Sweet Sweetland’s Broke-Ass Song.

As for myself, I have a confession to make… even though I’m on the other team, I think David Renzi’s Darrel “I Did It” Aubertine ad is going to go down as a classic. I have no idea what if any difference it will make in the outcome of the race, but if Republican strategists had any imagination at all, they’d be remixing it like the Dean scream. Now, it appears Renzi has got some problems of his own when it comes to improper benefits, but they apparently don’t have him on camera saying “I did it.”

I’m also finding the Post-Standard’s political endorsements to be arbitrary in the extreme: Joan Christensen should be thrown out, but Bill Magnarelli deserves re-election. While Joan Christensen is not doing enough about reform, Magnarelli on the other hand is not doing enough about reform. Oh.

2 thoughts on “Other people’s blogs: Politics edition

  1. Aaron

    Hrmm. Granted, I’ve never much cared for the Sub-Standard’s endorsements; they love to spend all year lambasting the politicians for not doing this and not changing that, then endorse the majority of ’em for re-election.

    The odds are good that the Republican running against Magnarelli is the only Republican lever I’ll pull this election… he generally represents the worst of the “Treehouse” and Albany largess.

    I’ve met Christensen personally. She’s good people, and very connected to the community.

  2. Phil

    I’m also surprised at the P-S dis of Christensen. She has little power or influence now because she has refused to apologize for her support of the Bragman coup against Silver. What do they expect her to do? She sacrificed her political career’s upward momentum for reform.

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