NYRI roundup

Just when I think I haven’t got the energy (pardon the expression) to blog about NYRI, they makes another silly statement

NYRI president Chris Thompson says he expects this type of “limited” opposition with any major project.

“Limited”? Just about the only thing the residents along the proposed line route haven’t done is to threaten to shoot at the pylons if they’re built.

The hearings taking place in various locations across the state are mostly a ritual. The last big hearing, when evidence is produced, is slated to take place some months from now in Albany. Mr. Thompson, who declines to come to Oneida County to be shown the areas that would be affected by the NYRI project, speaks of a “typical NIMBY response.”

2 thoughts on “NYRI roundup

  1. Strikeslip

    I think we need to define the term “NIMBY.” To me, a person is a NIMBY if they want the benefits of a project but not the bad baggage that comes with it.

    With that definition, NIMBY does not apply to the upstate people who oppose NYRI because THEY GET NO BENEFITS.

    What NYRI does, however, is enable any NIMBYs downstate to get the power benefits they want without the baggage that comes with hosting generation facilities.

  2. mary

    check out Peter Vallone, NYC councilman — a good example of someone who is irrational due to NIMBY.


    Wouldn’t it make some sense for NYC to generate more power locally rather than to transport it over 220 miles of powerlines owned by NYRI?

    And he’s the man that wants to secede from New York State because they pay too much money for the upstate poor.


    Sounds like he will need his upstate neighbors if he succeeds in stopping the local power plant.

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