Sign of the times

Just when you thought you couldn’t cope with any more upheavals, Wegmans unveils its new logo.

It looks surprisingly, but pleasingly, 1930s retro (as opposed to the stale ’70s retro they’ve had forever)… and not only that, but it reminds me a little bit of the cursive of Stewart’s Shops.

We don’t have any Stewart’s here in Central New York — except for one rogue western outpost around Oswego — and that’s too bad, because I don’t think anyone does the deluxe convenience store better than they do. I became quite a fan of theirs back when I used to visit my sister in the Albany area (and they also sell excellent firewood). Here’s a recent article about how deluxe groceries are starting to look at opening smaller stores, sort of a “bodega” model. I wonder if Wegmans will ever do the same. It might remove the psychological fatigue you feel as you contemplate fighting crowds through a food warehouse, even at the beloved Weggies.

3 thoughts on “Sign of the times

  1. sean

    does this mean they’ll basically pay a few million to put their old signs back up? i’m ready: time for that late 80s suburban mega-plaza block lettering to go. we could bring that back to the larger message of what’s happening on wall street, as well.

    by the way, i haven’t been by it in a while, but doesn’t the north side wegman still have that early-60s look?


  2. Ellen

    The press release from Wegmans in the link explains the rollout of the new logo. No sign replacements at present.

    I don’t know if the Pond Street Wegmans has seen any improvements. I always called it “The Wegmans That Time Forgot.”

  3. joebass123

    sean, last time i was at the northside location (maybe 4 months ago?) they still had the 60’s looking sign. it’s such an odd font. i remember the same one being on the fairport road location when i lived in east rochester several years ago.

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