You have the power

Quick note: New York Times, lamenting the nation’s inadequate power grid, talks about NYRI without mentioning NYRI. Oh! All those wind farms in the North Country and those pesky state public utility boards that won’t do the right thing for The Nation!

Wind advocates say that just two of the windiest states, North Dakota and South Dakota, could in principle generate half the nation’s electricity from turbines. But the way the national grid is configured, half the country would have to move to the Dakotas in order to use the power.

Well, boo hoo hoo! So either move to where the resources are, like your ancestors did, or take off the mask and trample over the rural communities that are in your way, so you can power your gargantuan five-bathroom second homes. Let’s get this party started. Or, we could just finally have a rational discussion about energy policy (generation, transmission and usage) that includes everyone at the table. That would be nice.

2 thoughts on “You have the power

  1. Gear Of Zanzibar

    When it comes to energy policy the only power that really matters is political power, and that’s a battle rural areas will never win. At least until the rest of the nation adopts the Texas model and takes responsibility for their own generation needs.

  2. JS

    NYCO…good thought about moving to where the resources are. That’s one of the first principles of truly “sustainable” design (it is getting harder and harder for me to use that word without grimacing…people are beginning to redefine and define it into utter meaninglessness).

    I wonder what our creative friends, Florida and his gang, would think about moving to where vital basic resources are located, given their thought that the Northeast is a historical appendage because the advent of air conditioning made southwestern living fun.

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