A tax on both their houses

Just wanted to highlight two recent posts elsewhere about the predictable squabbling about Paterson’s proposed tax cap. The cap might very well harm education in this state, but I am inclined to agree with many who say that it’s time for the usual heeldraggers to start getting proactive instead of reactive. See this post at Daily Gotham for the basic lines of the current debate. I also agree with some of the commenters who point out that tax cuts tend to hurt the most disadvantaged. But isn’t it time for progressive factions with power — like the unions — to start being political leaders on the greater systemic problems that are affecting education and property taxes in this state? They need new ideas.

Roatti, a regular contributor at The Albany Project, has some good points about deeper issues that they could start being concerned with — preferably before a governor wants tax caps or cuts (although it’s probably too late for that now, and we’re in for a lot of unproductive nastiness ahead).