Known unknowns

Bored? Feeling a little too proud of yourself? Want to feel stupid? Take this series of hardcore geography quizzes. I think in America we assume that a lot of people around the world have an inkling of where our 50 states are located. I’ll bet more foreigners know where U.S. states are located, than any of us know anything about theirs.

Incredibly sad that I got a higher score on the India quiz than on the Mexico quiz. (For those concerned about the war in Georgia, I recommend the Russia quiz.) To know what you don’t know; is that not knowledge?

2 thoughts on “Known unknowns

  1. KAZ

    Ouch! I did rather horribly on US Cities! Turns out I’m good with capitals, but that’s about my limit. I won’t even attempt Afghanistan.

  2. Ellen

    Actually some of the things I did know seemed kind of disturbing to me. I do not know why I only know two or three Mexican states (the ones on the U.S. border!), nor do I know the capital of Massachusetts (I keep thinking it’s not Boston), yet I knew where Tripura State in India is located. Wow. Scary. What other useless information is lurking in my brain?

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