Irony: still not dead

The Huffington Post on China and Tibet:

The first major red flag that this was going to be a propaganda exercise of massive portions was when the government paraded a group of Han Chinese children through the Bird’s Nest dressed in the garb of the nation’s 54 minority groups — as a effort to “celebrate” the diversity of China. How inclusive! Except for the fact that the government either exoticizes these groups for tourist purposes while they remain poor, second-class citizens, or create conscious programs to aggressively assimilate these groups out of existence, particularly in politically hostile regions like Tibet and Xinjiang. An equivalent in America would be if the government got a group of white kids from Manhattan together and dressed them up as members of Native American tribes and paraded them around as example of how respectful we are towards the “native peoples.”

Yet that’s what Americans still do all the time when they cheer Native American sports mascots.