New York City is all abuzz with the latest giant public art installation, “The New York City Waterfalls.” These cost a whopping $15 million to create. From what I can tell in the comments at the NYT, the local peanut gallery is not very impressed. Having just spent a few weekends exploring some of New York State’s more beautiful and ridiculously abundant real waterfalls, I have to admit I’m scratching my head too. It looks like a water main break, if you ask me.

One thought on “Waterfalls

  1. AZ

    NPR had a segment on the waterfalls:


    “..the point of the project is to get New Yorkers to think about parts of the city that they usually ignore..” The artist, Eliasson, referred to this as “negative space” that is “taken for granted as something which is not really even there.”

    In this context all of upstate is part of that “negative space”.

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