Rain as an absolute good

It rained on Saturday evening, and then again all day on Monday.

Was anyone upset?

I wonder if mainstream American society will ever get to the point where, no matter what we have planned outdoors for the day, a rainy day is first and foremost seen as something to be grateful for. Thoughts of adding to our water store and to health of the land instinctively coming to mind first, and disappointment about wrecked personal plans only coming second. Oh, good. It’s raining.

3 thoughts on “Rain as an absolute good

  1. Mrs. Mecomber

    You’re right, personal plans are nothing compared to the need for rain. However, my reaction, after the terrible flooding we have constantly suffered since 2002, is “Oh God, it’s raining. I hope we don’t get any flooding.”

  2. Mrs. Mecomber

    Nah. Why get pittance from a rain god when you have the Almighty God?

    Yet flooding is considered an “act of god,” isn’t it? But whose act is it, truly? Perhaps those who over-develop the land and never dredge the creeks? Hmm?

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