WPA posters

Just quickly passing on this gallery of posters produced by the WPA during the Great Depression. Strangely, a few of them seem to reflect some of the concerns we talk about lately on our blogs, such as reading and cleaning up the neighborhood.

You can see a bigger collection of posters here at the Library of Congress website.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had public art projects that conveyed messages we should be taking to heart? (Or do we need to wait until the next Depression and the next WPA?)

2 thoughts on “WPA posters

  1. Mrs. Mecomber

    Judging solely by history, I’d say we have to wait until another Depression. :(

    I was surprised to see a “travel” kind of poster from so long ago. I don’t know much about the travel industry pre-1950s, when it took off nationally. New York State would be very wise to capitalize on tourism, as it may be the last industry we have up here. Tourpro from Adirondack Base Camp and I have been chattering about it lately, as have some other NY travelers and travel pros. I think good things are on the horizon for NYS and tourism, but the state need to release its death grip with taxes to entice more visitors.

  2. Robinia

    I’m with Mrs. Mecomber on promoting NYS tourism, for lots of reasons. Unfortunately, our government is promoting some other stuff through imagery that is less beneficial: http://www.nylottery.org/index.php

    “Bling yourself out”? I much prefer “They like winter in NYS.” Better art, too.

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