Wondering about what’s going on in Kenya lately? This helpful article in the New York Times seeks to explain. (Shorter version: Although the violence has worrisome surface parallels to what happened in Rwanda in 1994, it’s more related to “economic prosperity without democracy” than to a government-sponsored campaign of ethnic eradication. But, as the author points out, the problem is bad enough and might even set off Kenya’s more troubled neighbors.)

This is tourist-friendly Kenya we’re talking about, which naturally commands more media interest; but if anything “good” ever came out of Rwanda, it’s that news of African people killing each other no longer always stimulates a yawn in the world community. One can only hope that even self-centered Westerners have learned that mass ethnic violence is never “business as usual.” And “economic prosperity without democracy” is certainly an issue that Americans can relate to.

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  1. Phil

    This new kind of thinking is a hallmark of Barack Obama’s approach to foreign policy–less thinking we are engaged in a chess game with a dangerous foreign foe, and more thought to the problems across the world that can effect everyone becuase of the increasing interdependence of all nations aound the globe.

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